Why SocialHits?

🔒Simply the BEST Panel For Website Traffic.

- No Bots/Spam/Fake methods - 100% Real Visitors from Ad-Networks and Private Traffic Exchanges with Unique Bidding System to be able to provide the lowest possible rates.

- Hiqh Quality, Targeted Visitors in 12 hours or less!

- Self-Serving Platform with 20+ Social Referrers and 33+ GEO Targeted options

💎 Market CHEAPEST WebTraffic Services

How does it work?

⚠️ We change Referrers of Real Visitors, so the Traffic is Real, but not coming from those websites, actually.

✔️ Your Traffic will appear as coming from those websites on any tracking tool available.

Our Traffic Sources:

- Private Traffic Exchange Platforms

- Embedded Ads with Unique Rotation Algorithm

- Ad-Networks

Is it Safe?

Yes! Since we use only approved Ad-Networks, SocialHits provides only Real & Unique Traffic.

Although, it's not safe for PPV networks, that's why we don't recommend you to use adf.ly links or any other similar networks.

We provide Non-Niche Targeted Traffic / Unfiltered, which considered as "Cold Traffic".

With "Cold Traffic" you probably will NOT generate sales or Ad-Clicks, However, you will enjoy many other benefits such as;

✔️ Lower Bounce-Rate

✔️ Higher SEO Score

✔️ Boost SERP Position

✔️ Better Domain Value

✔️ Alexa Rank Boost

✔️ Impact on Google, SimilarWeb, etc

✔️ Improving your Organic Traffic

✔️ Improving the mix of your Traffic Sources

How Can i Track it?

Our traffic sources are 100% accounted by Google Analytics - which is the best way to track results of your traffic campaigns.

But we also strongly recommend you to use Cutt.ly Shortlink or any other link shortener services with extended statistics features for easy and instant tracking - in case you can't directly access Google Analytics of target website.

All types of Websites Accepted?

Order/URL can be rejected for any reason, based on our Ad-Networks filters.

No Adult, Drugs or other harmful websites allowed.

Is your Traffic safe for AdSense?

We always recommend ordering traffic with caution when it concerns websites with AdSense.

We do not guarantee your AdSense account safety - Not because of Quality of our Traffic, but because of possible lack of clicks, which will drop your CTR and can raise questions from AdSense platform.

Does Your Traffic works on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/etc?

We can't guarantee you views or likes or followers on social media platforms with our traffic.

We've seen evidences that for some of our clients it works on their first order, then it doesn't on second, and it works again on third.

Does Your Traffic Convert?

We aim to bring the best value to our clients as well as your clients websites, Conversions will depend entirely on your website content and targeting selection.

At the moment, we can't target our audience basing on interests and/or niches to bring you the more relevant visitors, However, you will always enjoy other benefits of increasing your Traffic Volume for several different proposes.